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Affiliate Program

Use the following address when link to us:-
where 'user_name' is the User Name chosen by you when sign up the account with us.
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  1. This program is only intended for Web marketers who want to promote our site on their Websites or Webpages. The resulting links are aimed to increase the link popularity of our Website on major search engines.
  2. Any individuals or companies are welcome to cut-paste the above code on to their Web pages to start an engagement of affiliation with us.
  3. Commissions apply to sales of any products on this Web site.
  4. The commission rate is 5.00% (five percent) of the total amount of successful sales within a calendar month.
  5. The payment date will be within first 5 days of each calendar month.
  6. Payment of commission (in US dollars) will be paid through PayPal.
  7. Crawbacks due to cancellations or declined transactions or fraudulent credit cards may be deducted from the subsequent commission payment(s).
  8. Separate and formal agreement may be signed if the monthly commission exceeds US$100.
  9. We reserve the right to discontinue the engagement within 7 days of written notice or public announcement should any circumstance arise that would affect our business operation in any aspects.
  10. We reserve the right to amend any of the terms or conditions specified above. In that case, the amendment(s) will supercede the existing one(s) in 7 days.
  11. A real-time online commissions tracking page will be provided to your account for your convenience.
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